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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


1. what are you doing huh?
im doing an online sale- bags. =))

2. how to buy?
1st : choose the preferable item(s).
2nd : note the code of item(s) and email the code at
"atinmg@yahoo.com" to check its availability.
3th : wait for my reply email.
4th : do the payment through bank in or money transfer after you receive my reply email.
5th : inform me after payment done. *IMPORTANTDETAILS*
6th : waiting for item(s) delivered while you just sit in front of lappy watching korean series~ ^^

3. how long it takes to receive my thing(s)?
it will be 3-4 days.(weekend is a holiday~)
**it also depend on my schedule as final year student~^^

4. how about postage charge?
1 item=RM7
2 item=RM10
3-5 item=RM12
FREE POSTAGE will be in any special date depends on term and condition that will be decided later.

5. can i get my order first then i'll pay it?

6. do you have any other site to communicate? i can't open my email.
YES! I DO! ask me on my Facebook. [name : att nas]
just add me~

7. is there any guarantee if my thing(s) broken?

8. if i am a still new in online shopping, do you mind if i ask you a lots of question?
I DON'T MIND~ my pleasure to have a question~~

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